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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Ambika S
Dr. Loukovaara S Retina
Dr. Tamilarasi S Cataract
Dr. A Saatci Retina
Dr. Lelio Sabetti Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. M Sacchetti Cornea
Dr. Gitansha Sachdev Cataract
Dr. Gitansha Sachdev Cataract
Dr. Mahipal Sachdev Cornea
Dr. Ritika Sachdev Cataract
Dr. Virender Sachdeva Glaucoma
Dr. S Sadda Others
Dr. S Sadreddini Ophthalmology
Dr. A Saeed Retina
Dr. M Saeed Retina
Dr. M Saeedi Dermatology
Dr. F Sáenz-Francés Glaucoma
Dr. Debarati Saha Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. R Saha Microbiology
Dr. Suman Saha Molecular Biology
Dr. Anshu Sahai Ophthalmology
Dr. P Sahai Radiology
Dr. Pranita Sahay Cataract
Dr. DK Sahu Diabetology
Dr. TSR Sai Community Medicine
Dr. M Saidel Uveitis
Dr. S Saidha Neurology
Dr. Ashwin Sainani Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Kanchan Sainani Cataract
Dr. M Saito Retina
Dr. H Sakaguchi Retina
Dr. Hirokazu Sakaguchi Retina
Dr. Shunsuke Sakakibara Plastic Surgery
Dr. T Sakamoto Ophthalmology
Dr. R Sakata Glaucoma
Dr. Y Sakurada Retina
Dr. E Salcone Ophthalmology
Dr. M Saleem Others
Dr. A Salgarelli Head and Neck Surgery
Dr. G Salib Cornea
Dr. A Salman Cataract
Dr. Amjad Salman Ophthalmology
Dr. Amjad Salman Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. S Salomao Ophthalmology
Dr. S Salomăo Ophthalmology
Dr. C Salvarani Others
Dr. Maria Salvetat Others
Dr. Maria Salvetat Glaucoma
Dr. J Salvin Ophthalmology
Dr. Preetam Samant Retina
Dr. S Samarasinghe Parasitology
Dr. Sagarika Samarasinghe Parasitology
Dr. A Samir Cornea
Dr. A Samsudin Ophthalmology
Dr. M Sanabria Retina
Dr. A Sánchez-Acosta Oculoplasty
Dr. D Sanders Ophthalmology
Dr. jacob sanderwale Keratoplasty
Dr. Iyer Sandhya Cornea & Refractive
Dr. D Sandner Ophthalmology
Dr. S Sandra Oculoplasty
Dr. S Sandramouli Ophthalmology
Dr. Neeraj Sanduja Retina
Dr. Neeraj Sanduja Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Gaurav Sanghi Retina
Dr. D Sanghvi Radiology
Dr. Virender Sangwan Cornea
Dr. S Sanjay Ophthalmology
Dr. Padmaja Sankaridurg Contact Lens
Dr. Padmaja R Sankaridurg Contact Lens
Dr. N Sanker Optometry
Dr. M Sanli Neurosurgery
Dr. M Sanna Otolaryngology
Dr. N Santana Dental Medicine
Dr. J Santodomingo-Rubido Contact Lens
Dr. M Santos Dentistry
Dr. Rodrigo Santos Others
Dr. Y Sapkota Ophthalmology
Dr. Pradeep.Kumar Saraf Cataract
Dr. A Saratziotis Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. N Sargent Community Ophthalmology
Dr. A Sari Ophthalmology
Dr. M Saricaoglu Ophthalmology
Dr. D Sarkar Research
Dr. V Sarnicola Ophthalmology
Dr. David Sarraf Retina
Dr. Rajesh Sasikumar Glaucoma
Dr. Muhammad Sasongko Ophthalmology
Dr. Yoshiyuki Satake Ocular surface
Dr. Yoshiyuki Satake Others
Dr. Shubhangi Sathe Cataract
Dr. P Sathyan Glaucoma
Dr. Sanitha Sathyan Ophthalmology
Dr. Sanitha Sathyan Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. A Sati Cornea
Dr. J Saunte Ocular Trauma
Dr. Kumar Saurabh Ophthalmology
Dr. Aaron Savar Ophthalmology
Dr. G Savini Others
Dr. Gustavo Savino Oculoplasty
Dr. Peter Savino Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. M Sawa Retina
Dr. A Sawada Uveitis
Dr. R Sawaya Neurology
Dr. Rohit Saxena Ophthalmology
Dr. Sandeep Saxena Retina
Dr. Sandeep Saxena Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. E Sayit Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Z Sbeity Ophthalmology
Dr. S Schaal Cataract
Dr. R Schachar Ophthalmology
Dr. A Schadlu Ophthalmology
Dr. A Schalenbourg Ocular Oncology
Dr. Nicoline Schalij-Delfos Ophthalmology
Dr. M Schallenberg Ophthalmology
Dr. D Schanzlin Cornea
Dr. A Schatz Ophthalmology
Dr. P Schatz Ophthalmology
Dr. D Schaumberg Preventive medicine
Dr. B Schechter Ophthalmology
Dr. M Scheepers Uveitis
Dr. M Scheiman Optometry
Dr. Oliver Schein Ophthalmology
Dr. R Scherer Ophthalmology
Dr. U Schick Neurosurgery
Dr. M Schittkowski Ophthalmology
Dr. T Schlote Ophthalmology
Dr. U Schlötzer-Schrehardt Ophthalmology
Dr. L Schmetterer Pharmacology
Dr. K Schmid Optometry
Dr. U Schmidt-Erfurth Retina
Dr. S Schmitz-Valckenberg Retina
Dr. C Schmoll Ophthalmology
Dr. A Schneider Genetics
Dr. M Schneider Cornea
Dr. L Schoenfield Ophthalmology
Dr. H Scholl Retina
Dr. Hendrik Scholl Retina
Dr. C Schönfeld Glaucoma
Dr. M Schornack Ophthalmology
Dr. J Schouten Glaucoma
Dr. A Schulze Glaucoma
Dr. S Schulze Retina
Dr. V Schuster Pediatrics
Dr. J Schutz Ophthalmology
Dr. G Schwartz Glaucoma
Dr. S Schwartz Retina
Dr. V Scorcia Cornea
Dr. A Scott Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. A Searle Ophthalmology
Dr. J Sears Ophthalmology
Dr. Jonathan Sears Ophthalmology
Dr. A Secchi Ophthalmology
Dr. R Seet Ophthalmology
Dr. O Segal Ophthalmology
Dr. N Seider Ophthalmology
Dr. B Seitz Cornea
Dr. M Sekeroglu Ophthalmology
Dr. Prabakaran Selvaraj Optometry
Dr. F Semeraro Retina
Dr. Alo Sen Cataract
Dr. H Sen Ophthalmology
Dr. Parveen Sen Retina
Dr. Seema Sen Ocular Pathology
Dr. E Senba Anatomy
Dr. Asli Gamze Sener Microbiology
Dr. E Sener Ophthalmology
Dr. S Sengupta Ophthalmology
Dr. Sabyasachi Sengupta Cataract
Dr. S Senthil Cornea and Refractive Surgery
Dr. Sirisha Senthil Glaucoma
Dr. C Senthilnathan Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. F Senturk Retinal Physiopathology
Dr. Nermin Serbecic Cornea
Dr. S Seregard Oculoplasty
Dr. R Sergott Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. J Serna-Ojeda Cataract
Dr. J Serrano Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Anita Sethi Anterior Segment
Dr. H Sethi Ophthalmology
Dr. T Sethi Prosthodontics
Dr. P Seve Medicine
Dr. S Sevim Retina
Dr. Orang Seyeddain Ophthalmology
Dr. G Seymenoğlu Ophthalmology
Dr. G Seymenoglu Cataract
Dr. B Sezgin Akçay Cornea
Dr. Yan Sha Radiology
Dr. A Shah Oculoplasty
Dr. A Shah Medicine
Dr. Aashish Shah Cataract
Dr. Akash Shah Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Ankit Shah Cataract
Dr. C Shah Others
Dr. Gaurav Shah Retina
Dr. Gaurav K. Shah Retina
Dr. I Shah Pediatrics
Dr. Jagadish Shah Others
Dr. Jagdish Shah Cataract
Dr. Kalpit Shah Ophthalmology
Dr. M Shah Ocular Trauma
Dr. Manish Shah Ophthalmology
Dr. Neeraj Shah Cataract
Dr. Parag Shah Retina
Dr. Pratik> Shah Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Rupal Shah Refractive Surgery
Dr. S Shah Uveitis
Dr. S Shah Cornea
Dr. Shaheen Shah Others
Dr. Sujal Shah Cornea & Refractive
Dr. V Shah Pediatrics
Dr. Vinay A Shah Retina
Dr. Vishal Shah Cataract
Dr. K Shahraki Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Sami Shahwan Glaucoma
Dr. S Shaikh Ophthalmology
Dr. Shawkat.Ara Shakoor Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Z Shalchi Microbiology
Dr. J Shallo-Hoffmann Optometry
Dr. B R Shamanna Community Ophthalmology
Dr. H Shammas Anterior Segment
Dr. Dr. Farrukh A. Shamsi Retina
Dr. K Shankar Retina
Dr. Mahesh P Shanmugam Retina
Dr. V Shanmuganathan Ophthalmology
Dr. J Shao Statistics
Dr. A Sharma Retina
Dr. ADITYA Sharma Cataract
Dr. Anu Sharma Microbiology
Dr. Ashok Sharma Anterior Segment
Dr. B Sharma Oculoplasty
Dr. Bhavana Sharma Ocular Trauma
Dr. Bhavana Sharma Cataract
Dr. Bhumika Sharma Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Krishna Sharma Ophthalmology
Dr. Kumudini Sharma Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. Mohita Sharma Retina
Dr. Mukesh Sharma Ocular Surface
Dr. Namrata Sharma Cornea and Refractive Surgery
Dr. P Sharma Retina
Dr. Pankaj Sharma Cataract
Dr. Pradeep Sharma Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Rashi Sharma Cataract
Dr. S Sharma Community Ophthalmology
Dr. Sanjay Sharma Cornea
Dr. Savitri Sharma Microbiology
Dr. Sumita Sharma Retina
Dr. Tarun Sharma Retina
Dr. Vidushi Sharma Oculoplasty
Dr. Vishal.Hiralal Sharma Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Y Sharma Research
Dr. Yog Sharma Retina
Dr. Ismail Shatriah Ophthalmology
Dr. Fatima Shawkat Ophthalmology
Dr. T Shazly Ophthalmology
Dr. H Sheha Glaucoma
Dr. T Sheidow Retina
Dr. Madhu Shekhar Cataract
Dr. Y Shen Cataract
Dr. G Shenoy Law
Dr. A Shera Medicine
Dr. Bhawna Sheth Cataract
Dr. H Sheth Retina
Dr. Pritesh Sheth Wolters Kluwer
Dr. Pritesh Sheth Medknow
Dr. Saumil Sheth Retina
Dr. Nitin Shetty Electrophysiology
Dr. Rohit Shetty Cornea
Dr. S Sheu Ophthalmology
Dr. W Shi Cataract
Dr. C Shields Oculoplasty
Dr. Y Shih Ophthalmology
Dr. H Shimada Retina
Dr. Seika Shimazaki Ocular surface
Dr. S Shimmura Cornea & Refractive
Dr. Masahiko Shimura Ophthalmology
Dr. Pravin Shinde Cataract
Dr. F Shiraga Retina
Dr. Sheetal Shirke Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Ebrahim Shirzadeh General Ophthalmology
Dr. Rathinam Shivkumar Uveitis
Dr. S Shmygalev Anesthesia
Dr. Einat Shneor Others
Dr. M Shoja Cornea
Dr. T Shokohi Medical Mycology
Dr. Debraj Shome Oculoplasty
Dr. Debraj Shome Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. A Shortt Cornea
Dr. E Shrestha Community Ophthalmology
Dr. G Shrestha Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. R Shrestha Community Ophthalmology
Dr. Sachet Shrestha Community Ophthalmology
Dr. Anurag Shrivastava Ophthalmology
Dr. B Shukla Ocular Trauma
Dr. Dhananjay Shukla Retina
Dr. P Shukla Microbiology
Dr. Rajan Shukla Community Medicine
Dr. Yogesh Shukla Ocular Surface
Dr. D Sia Cataract
Dr. H Siatiri Cataract
Dr. R Siatkowski Ophthalmology
Dr. M Siddiqui Ophthalmology
Dr. T Siddiqui Radiology
Dr. J Sieb Neurology
Dr. Ramanjit Sihota Anterior Segment
Dr. Bartosz Sikorski Others
Dr. Asim Sil Epidemiology
Dr. AsimKumar Sil Low Vision and Rehabilitation
Dr. J Silva Microbiology
Dr. R Silva Retina
Dr. L Silveira Others
Dr. R Silverman Ophthalmology
Dr. D Sim Ophthalmology
Dr. R Simó Endocrinology
Dr. Guy Simon Cornea
Dr. Rand Simpson Ocular Oncology
Dr. T Simpson Optometry
Dr. T Simsek Glaucoma
Dr. Manavi Sindal Ophthalmology
Dr. A Singal Dermatology
Dr. Anuj Singal Cataract
Dr. A Singalavanija Ophthalmology
Dr. M Singer Retina
Dr. A Singh Cataract
Dr. Anil Singh Ophthalmology
Dr. Anirudh Singh Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Arun D Singh Oculoplasty
Dr. Atul Singh Cataract
Dr. ATUL KUMAR SINGH Singh Community Ophthalmology
Dr. Chintan Singh Cornea
Dr. Digvijay Singh Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. Gagan Singh Glaucoma
Dr. Gurbax Singh Anterior Segment
Dr. Jatinder Singh Retina
Dr. K Singh Glaucoma
Dr. Kamaljeet Singh Cataract
Dr. M Singh Community Medicine
Dr. Mandeep Singh Ophthalmology
Dr. Manpreet Singh Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Raminder Singh Medical Retina
Dr. Rishi Singh Retina
Dr. S Singh Medical Education
Dr. Shakeen Singh Ophthalmology
Dr. Smita Singh Refractive Surgery
Dr. Sudhir Singh Cataract
Dr. Swati Singh Oculoplasty
Dr. Swati Singh Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. T Singh Medical Education
Dr. Tanpreet Singh Cataract
Dr. Usha Singh Ophthalmology
Dr. Vinita Singh Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. B Singhal Neurology
Dr. Swati Singhal Anterior Segment
Dr. Ankur Sinha Ophthalmology
Dr. Ankur Sinha Glaucoma
Dr. Rajesh Sinha Ophthalmology
Dr. Sony Sinha Cataract
Dr. Sourav Sinha Others
Dr. Tushar Sinha Ophthalmology
Dr. R Siqueira Retina
Dr. B Sires Oculoplasty
Dr. W Sirirungsi Microbiology
Dr. Ramesh Sivaraj Retina
Dr. Anand Sivaraman Others
Dr. M Skau Others
Dr. I Skegro Ocular Trauma
Dr. I Sliesoraityte Retina
Dr. Allen Slomovic Cornea
Dr. John Sloper Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. R Smee Radiation Oncology
Dr. W Smiddy Retina
Dr. AF Smith Medicine
Dr. J Smith Oculoplasty
Dr. M Snir Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. S Snow Plastic Surgery
Dr. Bernadette Snyers Ophthalmology
Dr. D Soares Other
Dr. Gungor SOBACI Retina
Dr. Sheikh.Mahbub-us Sobhan Cataract
Dr. M Soheilian Uveitis
Dr. J Sohn Retina
Dr. K Solaiman Retina
Dr. W Soliman Retina
Dr. Wael Soliman Ophthalmology
Dr. Arieh Solomon Anterior segment
Dr. J Solomon Cornea
Dr. F Sonati Mde Pathology
Dr. Abhijit S Sonavane Anterior Segment
Dr. Rhibhu Soni Ocular Trauma
Dr. Rhibhu Soni Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. P Sony Retina
Dr. A Sood Ophthalmology
Dr. Devender Sood Glaucoma
Dr. N Sood Microbiology
Dr. P Sood Ophthalmology
Dr. Sunandan Sood Cornea
Dr. Sunandan Sood Others
Dr. V Sood Retina
Dr. V Soon Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. T Soong Ophthalmology
Dr. N Soumitra Genetics
Dr. C Souza-Dias Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. J Sowka Optometry
Dr. M Soylu Ophthalmology
Dr. H Soysal Ophthalmology
Dr. Leopoldo Spadea Cornea
Dr. G Spaeth Glaucoma
Dr. M Spirn Ophthalmology
Dr. M Spitzer Cornea
Dr. E Spoerl Ophthalmology
Dr. Eberhard Spörl Cornea
Dr. Alexander Spratt Glaucoma
Dr. P Spry Glaucoma
Dr. M S Sridhar Cornea
Dr. Uma Sridhar Cornea
Dr. Vasumathi Sriganesh Others
Dr. Bhaskar Srinivasan Cornea
Dr. Geetha Srinivasan Strabismus
Dr. Karthik Srinivasan Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. M Srinivasan Cornea
Dr. Srilakshmi Srinivasan Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Anshika Srivastava Genetics
Dr. Samaresh Srivastava Cornea
Dr. Sripriya Srivatsan Genetics
Dr. A. Sruthy Cataract
Dr. S Staffieri Ophthalmology
Dr. J Stahl Ophthalmology
Dr. Peter Stalmans Retina
Dr. R Stamper Glaucoma
Dr. M Stanford Ophthalmology
Dr. Miles Stanford Uveitis
Dr. A Stangos Uveitis
Dr. Alexandros Stangos Ophthalmology
Dr. J Stark Medicine
Dr. W Stark Ophthalmology
Dr. M Starzycka Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy
Dr. W Stason Others
Dr. Einar Stefánsson Ophthalmology
Dr. H Steffen Ophthalmology
Dr. J Steinberg Cornea
Dr. K Steinsapir Oculoplasty
Dr. J Stelmack Ophthalmology
Dr. J Stemmle Ophthalmology
Dr. K Stepien Retina
Dr. B Sterner Ophthalmology
Dr. J Stewart Ophthalmology
Dr. M Stewart Retina
Dr. W Stewart Pharmacology
Dr. P Sthapit Ophthalmology
Dr. H Stiebel-Kalish Medicine
Dr. Jan Stilma Ophthalmology
Dr. K Stingl Ophthalmology
Dr. A Stojanovic Ophthalmology
Dr. Mate Streho Ophthalmology
Dr. D Strianese Oculoplasty
Dr. Veit Sturm Oculoplasty
Dr. S Subbiah Ophthalmology
Dr. Anand Subramanyam Vitreoretina
Dr. Peraka.Neha Sudhakar Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Aditya Sudhalkar Retina
Dr. S Sudharshan Uveitis
Dr. S Sudharshan Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Bhagya Sudheer Uvea and Inflammation
Dr. Rachapalle.Reddi Sudhir Cataract
Dr. D Suesskind Ocular Oncology
Dr. H Suga Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. D Sujata Microbiology
Dr. A Sukha Optometry
Dr. Jaspreet Sukhija Anterior segment
Dr. Paul Sullivan Ocular Trauma
Dr. T Sullivan Oculoplasty
Dr. M Sullivan-Mee Ophthalmology
Dr. Y Süllü Ophthalmology
Dr. K Sulochana Biochemistry
Dr. M Sultan Glaucoma
Dr. Vinay Sultanpur Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jainab Sulthana Cornea
Dr. X Sun Microbiology
Dr. X Sun Cornea
Dr. G Sunaric-Megevand Glaucoma
Dr. Gangadhara Sundar Oculoplasty
Dr. P Sundaram Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. P Sundaresan Genetics
Dr. Narahari Suneel Cataract
Dr. K Sung Glaucoma
Dr. Kyungrim Sung Glaucoma
Dr. Surojit Sural Genetics
Dr. Shraddha Sureka Cataract
Dr. T S Surendran Anterior Segment
Dr. Pradeep Susvar Vitreoretina
Dr. John Sutphin Cornea
Dr. D Sutton Pathology
Dr. T Suzuki Dry eye
Dr. Meenakshi Swaminathan Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. William Swanson Retina
Dr. Rishi Swarup Cornea
Dr. M Swati Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. MS Swati Neuro Ophthalmology
Dr. C Symeonidis Uveitis
Dr. svatopluk Synek Community Ophthalmology
Dr. J Szilasiová Neurology
Dr. P Szurman Ophthalmology
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