Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

: 1969  |  Volume : 17  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 123--124

A case of syphilitic anterior uveitis with posterior chamber hemorrhage

CS Kalidasan 
 Govt. Ophthalmic Hospital, Madras, India

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C S Kalidasan
Govt. Ophthalmic Hospital, Madras

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Patient S. male aged 35 years, at�tended the hospital on 10.5.'68 for pain and redness of the right eye since 4 days. He did not have such an at�tack before.

Previous history

He gave history of extra marital re�lations and sore on the penis 15 years ago which healed in 8 days. He appli�ed penicillin ointment for the sore 3 days after exposure. He did not have any other treatment.

Family History

He was married since 15 years. He had 7 children. 1st alive. 2nd still birth, 3rd, 4th, 5th died during 4th and 5th months of intra-uterine life. 6th and 7th issues arc alive. The last child is 2 years old.

Examination of the Eyes

Right Eye : Lids, conjunctiva, cornea and anterior chamber were normal. Mild circumciliary flush was seen. Pupil was irregular with a pos�terior synechia at 6' O'clock position. The tension was normal.

Slit Lamp Examination : No aque�ous flare or K.P.'s detected.

Fundus : Normal.

General Examination:

No sore could be seen on the penis or discharge per urethra. A scar was present on the body of the penis at 12 O'clock position.

Inguinal lymph nodes on both sides and a posterior cervical node on the right side were enlarged, discrete but painless. Tenia versicolor over the trunk and pigmented patches over the soles of the feet were also seen.

Cardio-vascular system --Normal B.P.-90/60 mm. Hg.

Central nervous system Normal

Respiratory system Normal Investigations:

V.D.R.L.-Positive-64 Dilution.


Urine ---No sugar or albumen

X-ray chest Normal E.S.R. Normal.

He was treated with 1 per cent atropine ointment and cortisone drops locally and orally with prednisolone tablets, one thrice daily. After 6 days of treatment, on 16.5.'68 a circum�ferential streak of hemorrhage was noted in the upper temporal portion of the anterior face of the vitreous.

Evidently the hemorrhage was between the vitreous and the lens in the posterior chamber. A few fresh K.P.'s were observed by slit lamp exa�mination. The vitreous was also hazy, but the fundus could be seen and found normal. The vision was 6/12.

He was kept under observation and with same treatment on 20.5.'68, that is 5 days later the hemorrhage clear�ed and the vitreous opacities were also less. The patient also noticed that the vision was better than before.

The patient was referred to the Director, Venereology Department, General Hospital for further treat�ment. There he had 12 injections of PAM.-2 cc daily and T.A.B. 25 mil�lion intravenously, for a total of 6 injections.

He was examined again on 13.6.'68. The eye was quiet except for the pos�terior synechia.


This case is interesting because this is a proved case of syphilitic uveitis with hemorrhage in the posterior cham�ber, which cleared spontaneously. The hemorrhage which had come forward in front of the vitreous face was pro�bably due to vasodilatation and in�creased capillary permeability of the ciliary body. It had cleared well per�haps because it was in front and not in the vitreous itself.[4]


A case of syphilitic uveitis with hemorrhage in the posterior chamber is reported.

We appreciate with thanks the co�operation and help of Dr. P, N. Ran�giah M.D., Director of Venereology aid Dr. C. N. Sowmini, of Govt. General Hospital, Madras.


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