Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

: 1981  |  Volume : 29  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 499--500

Book review

RL Kaul 

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R L Kaul

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Fundus of the eye, 3rd edition (1980) edited ISSAC C. Michaelson. Publishers-Churchil Living-stone, Clothbound, 9.0 pages, table of contents, index, Coloured as well as black and white figures. $ 65.00.

As in the previous edition the book starts with the chapter on the methods of investiga­tion of fundus. Here apart from usual methods of examination of fundus, photography, fluorescein photography, electroretino­graphy, electrooculography and ultra sono­graphy are described. This apart from being a good guide to beginner will furnish latest knowledge on these techniques even to a experienced person. Describing the normal features of ocular fundus authors have gone in detail to give an excellent picture of various features including histology and electron microscopy. This chapter will be of immense value in appreciating what a normal fundus looks like as one does come across situation where it is difficult to give clear cut decision. While discussing the diseases of retinal vessels hypertensive retinopathy and arteriosclerative retinopathy are discussed in step by step man­ner with the result it is easier to understand the vorious entities including changes in pre­eclampsia and other secondary forms of hyper­tensive retinopathies. The chapter on retinal vein occlusion is well covered including treat­ment part and photocoagulation and other treatment modalities are discussed. Every as­pect of diabetic retinopathy have been discus­sed in details in a separate chapter.

While discussing detachment of retina stress has been laid on examination and clinical features of holes and degeneration, including differential diagnosis. Tumours of retina and choroid are described in separate chapters. Diseases of macula, vitreous and choroid are discussed individually in separate chapters. Macular clinical features are backed by good fluorescein angiography pictures. Diseases of choroid and anterior urea are extremely well presented. Everything leading to any distur­bance in these structures including never enti­ties like idiopathic insidious bilateral uveitis, para planitis and serpinginous choroditis are discussed and illustrated. Optic nerve head and disease associated are discussed in detail giving various features and etiopathogenesis in each condition. Application of electro-ophthalmology in fundus disease are also given separately in one chapter. One of the strongest features of this book is the discussion of community ophthalmology as applicable to fundus disease. In fact last chapter of book deals with the form of practice and possibilities in preven­tion of fundus disease.

As in the previous edition illustrations are par excellence. References at the end of each chapter are extensive and uptodate.

In short book is one of the best compact books available on fundus of the eye and conserve both as a text book and reference book.