Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

: 1982  |  Volume : 30  |  Issue : 5  |  Page : 503-


AK Bavishi, CK Patel, Amit Patel 
 C. H. Nagri Municipal Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad, India

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A K Bavishi
C.H. Nagri Municipal Eye Hospital Ahmedabad

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Bavishi A K, Patel C K, Patel A. Blepharoptosis.Indian J Ophthalmol 1982;30:503-503

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Bavishi A K, Patel C K, Patel A. Blepharoptosis. Indian J Ophthalmol [serial online] 1982 [cited 2021 Jan 23 ];30:503-503
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Blepharoptosis or simply ptosis is drooping of the upper lid below its normal position (about 2mm below the upper limbos), The paper reports on 100 cases of ptosis.


Out of 100 cases, 51 (51 %) were congenital and 49 (49%) acquired. Males were slightly more commonly affected than females in both congenital (28 : 23) and acquired (291:20) pre­sented themselves between 11 and 20 years age whereas maximum acquired cases (15) pre­sented between 41 and 60 years, age. In 85 cases (85%) the condition was unilateral. Right eye affection (47) was more common than left (38). In 15 cases (15%) the condition was bilateral. 4 cases (7.84%) of pseudoptosis and 2 cases (4.08%) of mechanical ptosis were encountered in the study.

Family history was encountered in 9 cases (17.84%). The ptosis was complete in 2 cases of congenital type and 19 of acquired. It was mild (2-4mm) in congenital: 29; acquired : 9. It was moderate (5-7mm) in congenital : 20 and acquired : 29. It was severe in congenital : 2 and acquired : 5.

Following were the etiological factors in cases of acquired ptosis : Traumatic-18 cases (37%) ; Diabetic 6 (12%) ; Hypertension-4 (8%) ; Pituitery tumour-2, Foster kennety syndrome-1; Carernouc sinus thrombosis 2, mechanical -6. myasththenia gravis-l; un­known-9 (18%)

Thirteen congenital cases (25.49%) and 24 acquired cases (4R 97%) showed extraocular muscle involvement.

Associated congenital anomalies were Marcus Gunn phenomenon (7 cases), Epible­pharon (3 cases), Epicanthus (1 case), Blepha­rophimosis (one case), and Paradoxical Up­perlid Retraction (1 case) were found.

Macuus-Gunn phenomenon was more com­monly encountered in males (5) than females (2) and left eye was involved in majority of cases (6).

During the course of the study, 21 lids were operated upon (1 1) congenital and 2 acquired). Everhusch's technique wes the surgical pro­ cedure employed in all cases except 2 cases where growth excision and one case where frontal is sling surgery was undertaken. 4 cases had mild undercorrection, 4 had marked un­dercorrection and upper fornix prolapse and entropion was encountered in each of the 2 separate cases. Rest all cases had good correc­tion without any complication.


Observations of a clinical study of 100 cases of Blepharoptosis including surgical review and Post operative results has been reported.