Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

: 2005  |  Volume : 53  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 1--3

Changing Times, Evolving Responses

Barun K Nayak 
 Editor, IJO, India

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Barun K Nayak
Editor, IJO

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Twelve years ago, when a new team took over the reins of the IJO, the incoming editor entitled his editorial 'Changing Times'[1]. I have chosen to retain a part of this perennially apt title[2], signifying, as it does, the transitory nature of today's knowledge. To it I have added our goal of "Evolving Responses".

Remembering that we live in changing times, and need to keep evolving our responses, stirs within us a desire to constantly update and evolve. Change is the essence of life; however, I shall not usher in change for the sake of change! My editorial policy will both uphold the traditional aims and goals of the IJO, and evolve to meet the needs of today.

 The Challenge

There is no doubt that the IJO is an excellent scientific journal. For me this has two challenging implications: * I have to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining its high standards. * I have to raise those standards even higher by enhancing the quality of the content and embellishing its presentation. I shall endeavor to meet the high expectations of every reader - from the internationally acclaimed grandmaster in the high echelons of top class institutes, to the silently dedicated clinical ophthalmologist working in the remotest of areas, who depends on the IJO as one of his primary sources of knowledge.


There is a scientific temper lurking just below the surface in every ophthalmologist. My mission is to activate and nurture this scientific temper - to awaken the nascent scientist within you. In this endeavor, I seek your active participation and cooperation. I call upon each one of you to join hands with me in this mission by contributing actively to all the activities of the IJO. I aim to simplify and streamline several procedures and processes at the IJO. Some new ideas and concepts are also on the anvil. These will go a long way in helping to achieve these objectives. These will not be the only changes to occur at the IJO. As clearly stated in the title, the IJO will always respond to new ideas and concepts as it evolves to keep abreast - at times, even ahead - of the times.

 Web site

In this electronic era of the information age, a strong website is the hallmark of every good journal. A properly developed website will increase the visibility of the IJO, which in turn will lead to an improvement in the 'Impact Factor' of the IJO. I plan to revamp and upgrade the website with multiple cross linkages.


The IJO is indexed with 'Index Medicus', a status to which any medical journal would aspire. However, there are many more peaks to scale. We plan to index the IJO with many other systems of indexing, which would help in the global acceptance of the journal.


The IJO has attained a considerable standard of excellence in the country. I plan to make the IJO a well-thumbed journal in every library in India. We also want to make our presence felt the world over by extending the journal's international subscription base.

 E -authors

With the advent of e-submission of abstracts, and their e-review and e-dissemination, I plan to eliminate unnecessary delays in the stages between submission and publishing. I will aim to develop a speedy review process with 100% online manuscript management. I shall remove suspense and bias through a totally transparent system.

 Original Contributors

'All Indian Ophthalmologists should consider submitting their original research publications to IJO first'. This was the desire of my predecessor as presented in his annual report at the 2005 AGM at Bhubneshwar[3]. I fully endorse this viewpoint. Development of a strong website coupled with multiple indexing systems and user-friendly submission, will help achieve this goal, by allaying the fear of potential authors that their work would not gain suitable recognition through the IJO. Have no fear. Your contributions will not sink into obscurity if you contribute to the IJO. Besides inputs from within our country, I plan to invite relevant trans-national contributions in order to provide an eclectic blend and useful global mix of views and ideas.

 Helping Hand

I hope to be able to include the varied musings of many cadres of ophthalmologists, not the least our friends in rural areas who, I think, have been inadequately represented so far, simply because they lack adequate guidance for putting forth a good study. I assure all dedicated professionals that our agenda will now include the provision of comprehensive guidelines through our newly- constituted research wing. The IJO research methodology cell will be available to each and every member of AIOS. This cell will also render all possible assistance you need to help you get your work published.

 "Open Forum"

I plan to reach out to each and every practicing clinical ophthalmologist. In turn, it is my desire that all of you make this your journal by contributing to the new feature entitled "Open Forum". In this forum, we shall feature your queries and problems and have our expert panel reply. Open Forum is designed to keep the journal truly interactive.


I plan to bring out, periodically, a supplement focused on emerging, current and controversial aspects of ophthalmology. This supplement will be a critical appraisal of hotly-debated current topics by experts in that field. Pros and cons will be discussed threadbare by way of tele-, video-, and e-conferencing, and presented to you in a simple and lucid manner so that you can judge for yourselves. They will also carry a PG pull-out section specially designed for the post-graduate ophthalmologist. I shall desist from revealing more at this stage, if only to whet your appetite for the main course. In this we will also go down the memory lane and offer pen-sketches of our senior stalwarts, teachers, researchers, visionaries and institutions; so that we may all gain from their inspiring achievements. I request you to inundate me with your ideas and suggestions.

 Team work

I understand that it would not be possible to achieve what has been outlined above had I decided to work alone. But I am fortunate enough to have an enthusiastic new editorial and advisory board, which consists of a perfect blend of young researchers, established teachers, reputed academicians, distinguished ophthalmologists working in remote areas and excellent strategy-makers. With their help - and yours - IJO will surely make long strides in the coming years.


Let us all pledge to transform the IJO, already rich in tradition and strong in scientific content, into a more reader-friendly publication, keeping in mind that science need not be boring and knowledge need not be drab. Let us be fashionably scientific and yet recognize the humor in science. Let us run this marathon together, keeping abreast of the changing times and continually evolving for the better. Let us aim to raise the level of the journal to the point where each of us will feel proud to be a contributor.


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