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   1987| March-April  | Volume 35 | Issue 2  
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Colour blindness-A rural prevalence survey
Maya Natu
March-April 1987, 35(2):71-73
Colour vision is important for aeroplane pilots, motor drivers, seamen and signal men for their professional work Not much of attention has been paid to population studies of colour blindness as there is no interference with daily routine in majority of persons However there is a need to undertake community wide prevalence surveys which could be useful in study of other genetically transmitted diseases
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Contact Lenses - A Review
VK Dada, Rajiv Sharma
March-April 1987, 35(2):95-97
A review of recent literature on contact lenses shows increasingly more studies on soft contact lenses than PMMA hard lenses The articles on contact lens wear and ulcerative keratitis have highlighted the increased risk of microbial keratitis in contact lens wearers compared to the general population, higher virulence of pathogens isolated and special association of fungi with EWSCL This high risk is due to multiple factors, organism survival in moist lens cases and cleaning solutions, microtrauma to the corneal epithelium by repeated insertion and removal, corneal hypoxia and lens deposits in soft lenses Special problems of tonometry in eyes with bandage soft lenses and contact lens sterilization have been studied and useful suggestions have come forth from the authors
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Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity in retinoblastoma
OPS Maurya, R Singh, AK Rohatgi, PK Shukla
March-April 1987, 35(2):79-81
LDH estimation in aqueous and serum was carried out in 10 cases of retinoblastoma and 10 control cases (normal). LDH estimation was done by calorimetric method devised by King-Wooten (1964) (1). LDH levels were quite high in serum and aqueous in retinoblastoma, as compared to control cases LDH aqueous/serum ratio was significantly higher in retinoblastoma as compared to control
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Congenital cystic eye-A case report with CT scan
A Marthanda Pillai, Rema , M Sambasivan
March-April 1987, 35(2):88-91
A case of Congential cystic eye in a two month old girl is reported. This rare condition is recognised at birth as a large orbital mass in place of the normal eye. This is perhaps the first reported case with a CT Scan. The CT appearance suggests that the defect in embryogenesis is not confined to the optic vesicle but involves other parts of the brain also.
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Retinal detachment associated with thalassemia major and Marfan's syndrome-A case report
Pranab Kumar Chatterjee, Indranil Bhattacharyya, Santanu Mitra
March-April 1987, 35(2):92-94
The thalassaemias, unlike a few other disorders of the haemopoietic system, are very rarely accompanied by ophthalmological changed. Marfan's Syndrome, on the other hand, exhibits a number of ocular manifestations 2. This article describes a case of uniocular retinal detachment associated with both these conditions
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Contact lenses-Are they safe enough?
S Tony Fernandez
March-April 1987, 35(2):59-59
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Detachment of RPE and sensory retina in senile maculopathy
V Pahwa
March-April 1987, 35(2):61-63
Detachment of RPE and sensory retina in 28 eyes having Senile Macular Degeneration is described.
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Aminotransferase and amylase activities of subretinal fluid and sera in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment cases
PK Chatterjee, Abhijit Ghosh, AK Dey
March-April 1987, 35(2):74-78
The study of the enzyme activity in 5 cases of normal vitreous humour, subretinal fluid and sera in 52 cases of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment lead to the following conclusions : 1) The activity of amylase in subretinal fluid tends to rise with the increase in the duration of retinal detachment There is significant difference in the amylase activity upto 24 weeks of duration, of retinal detachment 2) There is no significant change in the mean value of GOT level in SRF with the increase in the duration of retinal detachment 3) The mean GPT level of SRF decreases with the increase in the duration of retinal detachment There is a significant difference between the mean values of GPT upto 6 weeks 4) The lower value of amylase in subretinal fluid is associated with good prognosis 5) The activity of GOT in SRF has got no significant relation to the outcome of surgery. 6) The higher value of GPT in SRF is associated with good surgical results and lower value with poor result 7) There is no significant change in the concentration of amylase, GOT and GPT activity in serum in relation to the duration of retinal detachment 8) There is also no significant correlation between the level of amylase, GOT and GPT in blood depending on the result of surgery. 9) Both vitreous and blood appear to contribute to the origin of subretinal fluid.
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Dyscranio-pygo-phalangea (Ullrich-Feichtiger syndrome)
P Sharma, A Panda, SK Angra
March-April 1987, 35(2):84-87
A rare case of Ullrich-Feichtiger Syndrome is described. It is emphasised that though there maybe some overlap with other syndromes like Trisomy 13, Smith-Lemli-Opitz & Meckel's, it has its own identity and should not be overlooked as a 'spurious entity. The incomplete forms of this syndrome should not be misappropriated to other syndromes.
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Plasma prostaglandin and diabetic retinopathy
OPS Maurya, R Singh, SK Bhattacharya, JK Agarwal
March-April 1987, 35(2):67-70
Estimation of prostaglandin El (PGE) levels by bioassay technique (Ritcher Crossland) was carried out in 15 normal persons, 15 diabetic patients without Retinopathy, and 30 diabetic patients with Retinopathy. Plasma PGE 1 values were higher in diabetic patients with or without retinopathy than in normal subjects Plasma PGE 1 levels were significantly higher in diabetic with retinopathy than in the control group (p < 0.001), whereas in diabetics without retinopathy the PGE levels did not show a statistically significant difference from controls In diabetic patients with retinopathy, the mean value of PGE 1 was higher in proliferative retinopathy than in background retinopathy, but on statistical analysis, it was not of much significane (P> 0.8).
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Haemodialysis cataract
SK Angra, JL Goyal
March-April 1987, 35(2):82-83
A rare case of bilateral osmotic cataract following repeated haemodialysis is being reported. Possible mechanism of the process of cataractogenesis is discussed
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Macular diseases and RPE-The dark twin to the fore?
Rajvardhan Azad
March-April 1987, 35(2):60-60
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Acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy
V Pahwa
March-April 1987, 35(2):64-66
4 Patients of APMPPE have been described and its probable pathogenesis discussed
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TA Alexander
March-April 1987, 35(2):100-100
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Update on glaucoma and cornea
MR Jain
March-April 1987, 35(2):98-98
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